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  1. I’ve read most of what is written here, and watched the photos & videos. They are very interesting. I suggest that you send some of this (in Spanish of course) to my brother in law , so he can evaluate the publication in his newspaper “Megabaires” . I believe that it could look nice in your curriculum. Also, you may call him about speaking on any of his two radio programs. He’ll be delighted. If you like the idea, I can talk to him and make the connection. By the way, to talk to Argentina is extremely cheap. Bye!. Ignacio.
    PD: I think this is a very special time, because you could try to talk with some of the demostrators live. You are there, and also you are a journalist. Think it over.

  2. Hey, Juliana! Comments not working for me at Slate so leaving you a note here. Older “green cards” don’t expire every ten years, just the newer ones. Mine looks like the pink one in your article and was issued in 1979. No expiration date causes some bureaucratic hassles with people who have not seen the older ones, but it’s perfectly legit! Just thought you might want to correct the info in your article.

    Pamela Wik

    1. Hey Pamela,

      Thanks a lot for writing me. Sorry about the comments problem, I’ve had that happen before too, actually. I’ll let someone know to see if they can get it corrected.
      As for the expiration green card, thanks so much for the heads up, and sorry that wasn’t clearer. I updated this in the article.

      Thanks again,


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