“Minority Report” Iris Scanners Are Here

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Carl Sagan. Credit: Wikipedia.

The latest Cracked article, 5 Absurd Sci-Fi Scenarios Science Is Actually Working On is a gem you should read. Another one is 6 Absurd Movie Plots You Won’t Believe Are Based on Reality. Science fiction with foundations in science and the overlap with reality are reliable mind-blowers.

I have been getting serious about my love for Carl Sagan in the last year, reading the Pulitzer prize winner Dragons of Eden, his last book, Billions and Billions, and I just finished Broca’s Brain. The latter gets into science fiction writing, the good kind, like that of Arthur C. Clarke (who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey), that of Jules Verne, Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov, among others.

The way Sagan wrote about science fiction, with so much passion, intellect, love and nostalgia for his beginnings in science through science fiction, got me interested in the genre. I finally got serious about this too, and bought Isaac Asimov’s Robot Series.