Radiolab, new favorite thing

Just finished listening to the latest Radiolab podcast featuring the “irresistible podcast called 99% Invisible — a series of tiny radio stories that provoke enormous questions.” The host, Roman Mars, talked about three stories, one about sound design, another about a journalist’s story on a graffiti artist, and another about how a man charts his life as a series of annual reports. So thought-provoking, so well designed as well, and so original in its editing.

One thought on “Radiolab, new favorite thing

  1. At 30:20 they start talking about linnaerg to see colors previously overlooked. Perhaps Tetrachromats aren’t using their range of vision because they haven’t established a category or storage slot in there brain.This reminds me of a comment Alex Kanevsky made to me. I heard some painters say he’s the greatest living painter in America. He has a great photo album on his Facebook page called “Philadelphia, The Most Beautiful City in the World”. Being from Philly and keyed into the wry sense of humor, plus having a cartoonist mind I would often make clever-ish comments on his photos. He told me, “You have to be quiet to let the beauty arise.” I thought that was rather profound. Likewise the above mentioned point in the show solidifies the notion that we can look at anything closely, quietly, intently for a long time and new more nuanced categories will likely reveal themselves. New storage slots may suddenly appear in brains and open up a new breadth of perception.

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