Consuelo’s Home Away from Home

Consuelo, a migrant farm worker from Guerrero, Mexico, lives in a small house in Pierson, Fla., with her husband and some of her eight children. They all come together for dinner along with the grandkids. Preparations for dinner lasted since 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

We had tortillas, barbecued steak and chicken, red and black beans, spicy chilly and avocados. A lot of the ingredients were planted in their backyard, like the chiles.

They also plant pumpkin and get their eggs from a chicken coup one of Consuelo’s sons-in-law built. I helped out making tortillas and washing dishes.

The children ate in small tables they set up in the living room while they watched cartoons. They got very rambunctious. After several threats, the TV had to be to turned off.

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